The STDs We Test For:

We offer testing for the following STDs, and can provide immediate treatment for the non-viral infections.


More STD Testing Information

At your appointment

You will meet with a Nurse who will:

  • Review the Reproductive Health Screening that you will be receiving.
  • Review your health history and answer your medical questions.
  • Your lab tests will be sent to an independent off-site laboratory.
  • Review a Personal Resource List customized for you and provide any necessary medical referrals.


STD services are provided free of charge without co-pay for Medicaid-insured patients. If you are Medicaid-insured, please bring your Medicaid card with you. Care Pregnancy Clinic is only able to accept Medicaid insurance at this time. For those who are not Medicaid-insured, we ask for a voluntary $20 donation at the time service is provided to help cover our lab fees. Please contact us about applying a free voucher to your appointment if you are not able to make the donation.